Head harness for neck

  • Build A Thick Muscular Neck
  • Heavy-Duty Superior Build
  • Prevent Injury & Aid Recovery
  • Fits All Head Sizes
  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed


Build A Thick Muscular Neck – Dominate opponents in combat. Power through the opposing team in contact sports. Look monstrously strong by developing a beastly thick neck with our neck exerciser. Build those crucial neck, trap and upper back muscles with this neck harness to increase your size, strength and aesthetic appeal.
Heavy-Duty Superior Build – The tightly stitched materials of our neck flex harness combined with the ultra-thick stainless steel chain gives it a premium design that lasts a lifetime. No ripping and falling apart like competing boxing training equipment does. Put our head harness to the test with as much weight as you can manage – this neck trainer can take it.
Prevent Injury & Aid Recovery – Awaken dormant muscles and build an iron neck. Use our neck workout harness to build the muscular toughness you need. Shrug off blows. Power through grapples. Avoid injury. Minimize concussions and head injury. Already injured? Use this neck weight lifting harness to safely aid recovery and rehabilitation.


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