About us

Our History

We Are A Lifestyle Brand

Peregrine Enterprises is one of the world’s leading Manufacturer of Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts equipment since 1972. Our constant company development includes the ambition to become an even bigger player in Fitness and Mixed martial Arts equipment.

We know sports from scratch. Peregrine Enterprises rests on a proud tradition and we have always put quality first. For decades, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier/Manufacturer in a global market. We are more well-known in the international market than in regional and national.

Quality, loyalty and support are the core values that characterize our work and represent our brand. We are down to earth and easy to work with. Our origin and our values make us a natural partner that keeps its promises.   

Peregrine Enterprises spirit means that we are proud of where we come from and know that we always want to deliver at a high-level, while we put a value in being close to the customer and to be compliant to requests.

We are a family company with loyal employees, our products are affordable and of high quality. Our care for the small details creates a strong brand. It is no coincidence that Peregrine Enterprises is so frequently seen on the Exhibitions in the worldwide. Experience has taught the organizers that it pays to turn to us as a supplier.

The lessons of yesterday, we use today to make things even better tomorrow. It is called development and is one of our most important guiding principles. 


19 Years of Experience

More experience means more knowledge Now no middleman is involved, and purchases are directly made from the manufacturer

Our Happy Customer

We are a family own company and have been successful for decades. Our secret is our customer's absolute satisfaction.

Awesome Quality

Peregrine top priority is to meet and exceed its customer's expectations. Quality, loyalty and support are the core values that characterize our work and represent our brand.

Customized Design

We construct and customize gloves in one of our manufacturing facilities for clients' special needs and marketing conditions. Private labeling and custom logo printing is available at low costs.